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Thursday, November 08, 2012

One of the most common questions I am asked is how do you get so many coupons? Well my friends there are all sorts of ways on getting ahold of coupons. Some ways are very conservative and some can be down right dumpy :) When it comes living life on the freap, coupons are your income. So depending on how hard you work will determine your "salary".

The most common ways to obtain coupons are:
  • Sunday's paper
  • Print internet coupons
  • Use a coupon clipping service
  • Ebay
  • Blinkies/Peelies and Tearpads
  • Collect from your family, friends and co-workers
  • Swap with other freapers/couponers
  • Coupon dive (dumpster dive)

These are the most "legitimate" ways to get your hands on thy valuable coopin. There are probably more ways to count to obtain coupons but these are all you need to know to get a great collection going.

So, first thing is first, start collecting using whatever methods you are comfortable with. To start benefiting on the big deals it will take a couple of weeks for sales to cycle and come back around for the coupons in your collection, but don't worry you will start to save instantly.

I know questions don't just stop there. After reading the list and picking your methods there are still those...wait, okay but...moments. Hopefully this will help answer some of those questions:

Buying the Sunday paper
  • You can sign up for service for home delivery for Wednesday/Sunday delivery. Depending on where you live you can try and ask the customer service representative if they are offering any specials for the first few weeks of service to help even save more.
  • You can purchase the Sunday paper from drugstores, cafes, grocery stores, etc. I purchase my Sunday paper from my local Dollar Tree. You know where everything is a $1 or less? Well, that's right on Sunday's they sell the paper for $1 which in most areas is 50% savings. I must warn you that this is a popular location to buy the Sunday paper so I recommend doing your homework. Contact your local Dollar Tree or dollar store and ask what their Sunday hours are and arrive 15-30 minutes in advance. Ask them if they have a large Sunday crowd, if there is a Sunday paper purchase limit, etc.
  • If you do choose to buy the Sunday paper the next question I am asked is; how many to buy? I have a family of 3 and I purchase 6. I would recommend 2 papers for every member of your family. Unless of course you have other means on obtaining a high volume of coupons....this is only my recommendation.

Internet Printable Coupons
  • There is a limit to how many internet coupons you can print. This prevents people printing 25 coupons of the same item. Most internet printable coupons are allowed to be printed twice per computer. So if you have 2 computers in your home you would then be able to print the same coupon 4 times.
  • Most internet printable coupons are Manufacturer Coupons which can be used at any retailer that sells that products. You will come across some that are store coupons. These can only be used at the stores specified with exception to stores that accept competitor coupons (we will get further into this later).
  • It is best to print these using a color printer; this will allow the coupon to print using all of the safety features that are built in. Black and white is acceptable but can be rejected by the retailer as they can look like copied coupons.

    Coupon Clipping service
    Believe it or not but there are coupon clipping services out there. They charge a very small service free to do the clipping. If you don't know already selling or "transferring" coupons voids them making them technically unusable but these clipping services sell the coupons for free and charges a service fee for their time to gather, clip and send said coupons. Clipping services can be a great resource because you can select specifically only the coupons you know you will use or like and at higher volumes. In return you do have to wait for the coupons to be mailed to you. My recommendation for this is finding a service that is in your area or state. Here a couple that I have used:

    Coupons are available on EBay as well under the same premise of coupon clipping services. You can bid and buy coupons by paying for the seller's time to gather, clip and send the coupons.

    Blinkies/Peelies & Tearpads
    Coupons are availabe in stores in the form of blinkies, peelies and tearpads.

    • Blinkies are the little black boxes that have a little red blinking light where you pull the coupon and it spits out another.
    • Peelies are the coupons that are on products in store. There is a moral code that goes into play when taking these coupons as they should be for the individual buying the actual item but you practice your coupon clipping however you may.
    • Tearpads are also available in stores where you tear the coupon off of a pad of coupons.

    Family, Friends, Neighbors & Co-workers
    Whatever works best for you in using these resources to obtain coupons is up to you. Currently I collect coupons through family, family co-workers and friends. If someone is willing to help by all means take it!

    Coupon Swap
    This can be done long distance through the mail using the honor system orrrr if you and a friend coupon then you can do a swap for items he/she may/may not use and vice versa.

    Coupon Dive
    This is the most labor intensive way to obtain coupons but when you hit a jackpot it is like winning the lottery. Check with your local dumpster laws before jumping into a dumpster as it may be illegal to actually step foot in one. Do your homework. Now to really find a good stash of coupons you probably want to focus on paper dumpsters that are meant for recycling this ensures you aren't digging through trash. You can find paper dumpsters by going to: . It is your responsibility to do your homework and do not break any laws. For example some of these Paper Retriever dumpsters are on school property...don't trespass and then point to my blog :) Be safe, be mindful....happy diving!

    Feel free to ask questions...there are pah-lenty I didn't think of myself.

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