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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In having this blog I am working on my "Project+House=Home" where I am working my way "homing" rooms in the house. We started with the kitchen which we are almost done with that post is to come. In the meantime I worked on the kids' playroom.

When our first was born we went with primary colors....neutral so we could use the items whether our future were boys or girls. So we continued that theme. I prefer it anyway plus vivid colors help stimulate their young minds.

Although we went with primary colors we didn't have a rhyme or reason in regards to their toys and playroom furniture. It all just became a modge podge of random pieces that we gathered along the way. Every night after hurricane Monkey hit the playroom dada and mama would relunctantly pull enough energy together to clean things up. It just didn't work. Below you will see some pics of what I am talking about.

Before #1: the new playroom will be in the left corner

Before #2 the rest of the room - she has taken over!

Our budget is tight and I kept waiting and waiting for the time to buy new pieces of furniture. Well that time never came so I decided to pull pieces from the playroom and around the house together. Of course we are using her table set and her big easel. I brought down a bookcase we had upstairs in our master to use as her toy and book storage. Up in our master we had made an infant station for our little little one while she slept in our room. Well she is just old enough to be moved into her crib so this bookcase came available at a perfect time. I didn't purge a single toy out of the "before" pictures, they are all still here. I love these fabric bins!!!! It is like they have no bottom!

Another feature I added are the chalkboard/display boards. These were actually AVON shipping box lids that my orders came in. I painted the edges primary colors, painted the front with chalkboard paint and glued on some clothespin and display boards. Definitely helps pull the room togehter, dontcha think?

The only thing I purchased for this room was the bean bag chair for her reading corner and the little monkey wall decal which was a $1 at the Dollar Tree. So for $16 I made my girls a whole new, more useful playroom.

In time we will be able to add more. I would like to add a quote above their bean bag and maybe a new paint color but for now this'll do just fine.

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  1. Great job re purposing those Avon lids!