making a house a home

Saturday, November 10, 2012

For our little family our house feels the most like a home when we are on top of our cleaning. For me personally having a tidy little home decreases my stress and anxiety. It also contributes to having more family time and making memories. In the past we would clean, tidy when ever we could fit it in...which didn't work. Things would get farther and farther behind and become a bigger task to perform which only deterred us from doing it at all.

On one of my Pinterest sessions (being hours long) I came across this pin from here:

I loved  this idea right away. The tasks are totally doable and collectively cover a wide range of tasks to maintain a tidy home. It can also completely go with any decor in your home. She didn't specifically discuss how she did it but it looks like she typed it up, cut around the chore lists and pasted the lists onto the colored paper she typed "my cleaning list".
As with most households it didn't completely fit; so I adapted it my household and changed the title to "our make it a home list". I'll do whatever I can to make the job easier ;) Here is our adaptation.
 I am thinking I am going to paint the frame....
If you don't know where to start to make your own I am happy to customize one special for you and your family. You can customize up to 11 "to dos" per  category Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Right now I have three different themes including, Beach Whisper (above), All American and Black Out. The customized file will be emailed to you to be printed out. Place in a frame and you are all set. Place order here.

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