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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

I think I may be addicted to mascaras. At any one time I can have at least 2 different types in my carry with me make-up bag.

Each one does different things, one curls, one extends one volumizes and over the course of the years I haven't found one that I love love love that does all three. In the past I have found some that are close to it but requires two different applications and then multiple coats to boot.

Since selling AVON (2010) I have been working my way through their mascaras and I think I have found a keeper, I still stray from my AVON brand every now and again as my heart always seems to want to go back to the Double Extend from L'Oreal, but I am pretty happy with a couple of AVONs mascara are my thoughts.

Super Shock (target: volume): this one performs like it states, with about 2 coats you truly get a shock of volume that makes your lashes really stand out. Volume is the target feature here not length so it does bulk up your lashes but does not extend them.

Super Shock Max (target: max volume): to be honest I saw no difference in this mascara and the regular Super Shock. It is a good mascara and performs just like Super Shock but I am not seeing this extra MAX feature of volume. For me I would stick with Super Shock.

SuperExtend Extreme (target: extreme length): This mascara actually won the 2012 Spring Makeup Award by Oprah Magazine. This one does what it claims for sure....extend! However if you are looking for long "full" lashes this mascara needs a partner to help in that department. It works great for extending lashes so if you already have quite full natural lashes go for this one but if you need a little help like most of us then this will be a partner to another mascara fav.

Super Drama (target: volume and length): The newest to the AVON line. This one has made it's way into my permanent collection. I love the dramatic look I get with this mascara. I still can't seem to stem away with the buddy system though.

I have also used a Super Curl mascara by AVON had but I am no longer finding it in our system. So I won't elaborate too much on that.

I am hoping to share some pics of the mascara in action....that's still to come...

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