moving is in a league of its own

Sunday, November 04, 2012

We have all done it at one point or another whether it be moving ourselves or helping someone move. Talk about a lot of work...not just in the physical aspect alone either but with all that you have to remember to do. It is, to say the least, overwhelming.

I wasn't the lucky one in the most resent case of having to move, my mom was. Her and my step-dad were moving to a new home and there was a lot to plan from painters, paint color, carpeting, movers, what to pack last, when to do the move, etc...lets just say she was very overwhelmed with all she had to remember. To ease the feeling of looming forgetful inevitability I created a moving guide kit that she would refer back to. She could set appointments, make calls, jot down notes and check off tasks once they were completed. I had her place it in a binder where she could collect receipts, have important documents and have the details of the move at the ready.

I thought I would share this moving guide kit with you all as my mom is not the only one that can get overwhelmed by just the mere thought of moving. I have made it available here.

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  1. Honestly, I couldn't have done it without you and your guidance through the moving process. It wasn't just moving, which in and of itself sounds like a no-brainer. It was also the home buying experience along with coordinating renovations that needed to be done BEFORE the move. There are many things I probably would have forgotten, but didn't, thanks to you and your lists. I carried my binder with me at all times.