ornament #1: cookie cutter

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My first little ornamennt of my 12 days of ornaments was one that was inspired by one I saw on another website. In my search one year to make a handmade ornament I came across this cookie cutter ornament from Martha Stewart.

There were no instructions on how to make this little guy only this picture was available and I thought you know what...that seem easy enough. And with very little effort and money spent I had these adorable ornaments to add to my collection.

This is what you will need:

Cookie cutters (I think mine were at Hobby Lobby for .59)
Scrapbook paper
Scissors/Xacto knife
Thin ribbon
White/tacky glue

Starting with a piece of scrapbook paper: you will flip it over and using your cookie cutter as a stencil (making sure that the thick edged part of the cookie cutter is what you are tracing). Trace it on the back of your scrapbook paper.


Next cut your shape out using your scissors or Xacto knife

Once you have cut out your shape you will trim off the "head" of your shape. This will allow the ribbon to feed through in a future step. So as you will see in the picture below just cut a little bit off the top of your shape.

Now apply glue to the THICK edge of the cookie cutter and place evenly on DESIGN SIDE UP of your scrapbook paper shape. Don't worry about drops, your glue should dry clear.

Let it dry completely. Once dry, feed through some ribbon....knot it and then turn the knot around to hide under the cookie cutter edge and WALAH!!! Adorable little ornaments!

What is great about this little ornament is you could really jazz it up. You could use old photos as the paper, you can add some bling to your paper or add little embellishments.

I hoped you enjoyed how to create the first of my 12 days of ornaments.

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