ornament #2: paper globe

Sunday, November 25, 2012

This is ornament #2 of my 12 Days of Ornaments. This ornament wasn't inspired by anything I saw directly but have always wanted to learn how to do this craft. So I researched it (I never did find any clear instructions) and created my own version. Our Christmas colors are blues, silver and white; so if you see a lot of my ornaments in these colors that is why. You can adapt any of the ornaments to colors that work with your decor. This ornament would be adorable in any color groups.

So this ornament is called "paper globe" and requires a tad bit more of your time. Each globe is made out of 20, 2" circles (you could change the size) that each require folding and gluing but I must say...the time is well worth it; especially if you have kiddos around to help out.

First things first is to gather your supplies.

You will need
  • Scrapbook paper (not cardstock) I used 6 designs
  • Glue stick
  • 2" die punch/Cricut type machine
  • Ribbon
  • Regular hole punch
  • 7mm gems (optional - each ornament will need 20 so you can plan accordingly)

You will now start punching your paper rounds. I used a 2" punch that made an ornament that is slightly larger than a tennis ball. A smaller round will make a smaller ornament and same for a larger round. If you have a die cut machine you can set it to cut these for you...wish I had one when I made this little ornament...I do now ;)

If you are using 12x12 scrapbook paper you should be able to get 25-36 rounds depending how resourceful you are. Each ornament needs 20 rounds so if using 6 different designs of 12x12 paper that should make you at least 6 ornaments.

Once all the rounds have been punched you now will start to fold in the edges of each circle three ways. To help think of it as folding the circle into a triangle. You can do this two ways: by free handing it each time or if you are as OCD as I am you can make a mini triangle template and fold the edges in using the template.

free hand - without a template
with a cardstock template
Once your rounds have been folded you will now put the ornament together in 3 parts.

First you will assemble the top and bottom. If you care about alternating designs and none touching each other make sure to pay attention to the design placement if you don't care...don't worry about it ;)

To assemble the top/bottom you will use 5 rounds and glue together the flaps of each circle with the triangle tips pointing upward (see picture). This will form a mini tent if you will. Make two of these.

To assemble the center you will use 10 rounds gluing the edges however alternate the direction of each triangle up, down, up, down, up down, and so on. By gluing them this way they should form a straight line.

When you are done gluing the 10 rounds glue together each end to form a "ring".

Notice here you will see 5 flaps "open to attach to" on each side of the ring. This is where you will connect the top and bottom. Apply glue to the flaps and line up the top and adhere. Repeat for the bottom.
purple on flaps of top from glue stick

You should now have your base paper globe! Way to go!!!! If any of your flaps are loose, don't worry just apply a little glue. At this point you can decide if you want to add your gems/rhinestones or now.

If not just punch a hole in one of the flaps, thread some ribbon and you are all set. To add rhinestones - believe it or not I just used the glue stick. I swiped each rhinestone on the top of the glue stick and placed on in each center of each round (now triangles). Each globe will need 20 rhinestones.

Once the rhinestones are on punch a hole in one of the flaps, thread some ribbon and here is what your final ornament should look like.

I would love to see how yours turned out...please feel free to send me pictures.

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