ornament #3: santa belly

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

 Santa Belly
Ornament #3 of my 12 Days of Ornaments is called the "Santa Belly" ornament. When I found this ornament I thought it was just the cutest ornament ever. This ornament doesn't match our Christmas decor but it was too cute to pass up so, I thought I would share it with you.

I found this ornament on pinterest via a pinner. She found it from another website however her blog doesn't supply a source. So based on her info I adapted it slightly to make it a little mine and here it is.

Your supplies:
Glass ornament
Red paper (card stock can be used just a tad harder to manipulate)
Double sided tape and/or white glue
Black glitter
White puffy paint
Scissors/paper cutter

The first task is to cut the red paper into strips and to start stuffing the ornament. I cut mine the length of the paper in between 1/4" - 1/2" wide. You don't want to get too close to 1/2" because the strips will not fit into the top of the ornament.

I used card stock which can be a little stiff. Once my strips were cut to help it along I curled it like curling ribbon. This only slightly curled it but it helped make the card stock more pliable. Wind each strip into little rolls, making them as tight as possible. Stuff them into your ornament. They will unwind a tad bit inside the ornament. I used about 12-15 strips.

Once the ornament is full place the topper back on. Now apply the double sided tape (in small sections as it will bubble) or the glue. This is what I did: I applied the double sided tape in small sections, I applied a layer of glitter then like grouting I applied the white glue then applied a final coat of glitter.
Once your glitter is applied using the puffy paint, paint a square over the glitter. Let the puffy paint dry for a few hours to a full day.

To give my ornament a little more something I made an ever so appropriate "Ho Ho Ho" tag and added some ribbon to hang it on the tree.

Don't pay any attention to the ribbon, I used it to stable the ornament :)

Pretty cute, eh?

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