ornament #4: ribbon tree

Thursday, November 29, 2012

This is Ornament #4 of my 12 Days of Ornaments. This ornament is delicately charming. It is the epitome of ribbons and pearls.

I found this tree on another website however there was only a picture; no instructions (that I found). I was instantly intrigued with these little trees so I set out to figure it out all on my own :)

For each ornament you will need:
I will give you the specs of the materials I used
  • 24" of 3/8" ribbon
  • 10-11 pearl beads 8mm
  • 12" embroidery floss (friendship bracelet yarn)
  • 2 stopper beads 3mm
  • Needle to thread beads and ribbon

Take the 12" piece of embroidery floss and tap the end to separate the threads. If you are a cross-stitcher you know all about this. Grab two of the threads and very gently pull two threads (at the same time) apart from the other four.

Using the two-thread floss thread the needle and knot the bottom of your 12" piece of embroidery floss. Your 3mm stopper bead shouldn't need but 2 or 3 knots to hold it in place. Then thread the stopper bead.

Thread one of the pearl beads

Thread the ribbon: you want to thread it so there is a total width of 3-3 1/2" at the total base. Approximately an 1 1/2 on either side of the floss. After every ribbon thread, thread a pearl bead.

Continue alternating pearl beads and the ribbon while shortening the ribbon width.

Around your 10thish pearl bead you will finish off the ribbon, add your last pearl bead and then thread the other stopper bead. Using the needle with the beads as tightly as they can be, re-thread the needle up through the top stopper bead.

Now near the top of the remaining floss make a knot.

Once the top knot is in place the two pieces of floss can be gently separated to hang on a tree.

If you think that only 2 strings of the floss is not sturdy enough go ahead and try using four.

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