ornament #5: sequin ornament

Friday, November 30, 2012

Ornament #5 of my 12 Days of Ornaments is one that I thought of while wondering through Hobby Lobby trying to figure out what Christmas Doo-Dad I wanted to do. Doo-Dad, you ask. In my family we have a tradition of making what we call "Xmas Doo-Dads". For years there were no children in the family...we were all over 18 and instead of stressing the gift giving fiasco every year we decided that each family member would make a handmade something or other for each family member. So we would each walk away after Christmas with a little something that everyone spent time making for each of us.

Lets just say that not everyone in my family is very DIY savvy and we would end up with some very interesting "doo-dads". One would probably think that children were in the family, lets just put it that way, lol!

So back to the Sequin Ornament....I am wondering around Hobby Lobby wondering about what I was going to make for my Xmas Doo-Dads when eventually I had an idea to do sequin ornaments. I could one for everyone personalized to their Christmas decor.

So I purchased my supplies and got to work. Well, they turned out soooo great I just had to have some for MY tree.

They are just gorgeous. They reflect the light so beautifully and really look very intricate. I think so far out of all of the handmade ornaments I have made these are my favorite.

You will need:
3" styrofoam balls
8mm sequins
3/4" sequin pins
1/4" ribbon

The overall concept is pretty simple. Decide what you want your ornament to look like. Begin by placing a sequin pin through a sequin and secure to the styrofoam ball.

Repeat this step until the entire ball is covered. TIP: If you want to make a letter or number or particular design I recommend place pins (just the tips) into the ball to map out your letter, number shape and then apply the primary color onto the ornament and then coming back and putting the different color sequins in place of the pins.

To add your loop cut a piece of ribbon and knot the two ends together.

Place the knot against the sequin covered ornament

Using 2 sequin pins stick them into the ball through the knot


As you can see you can make any design your heart desires with these ornaments. I even included ribbon in the one to the left of the front center ornament (also below).


This one is hard to capture in a photograph. This one is white in the front and blue in the back with a blue Christmas tree.

Note: This one isn't one you want to do with small children. Not only are the pins sharp but losing one on the floor without catching it can be very dangerous. I didn't even do these in a room we normally spend with our children in the chance I dropped one without knowing.


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