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Sunday, November 04, 2012

In an effort to help out my girls (customers) I am going to provide my opinion on the many AVON products I have tried over the years and recently. Like my customers I get super excited every time I get my brochures and immediately start to shop ;)

My first review is on the Anew skin care line. Over the years I have bebopped from facial cleanser to facial cleanser to this skin lotion to that skin lotion. And I was never fully satisfied with my finds; most lotions were too oily while most cleansers I found were way too harsh and drying. When I started selling AVON in 2010 I saw their Anew skin care line and figured I would give it a shot. I had little expectations just because of all of the products I have used in the past and assumed this would follow on being on an extreme like the rest. I was thrilled to learn I was absolutely wrong. With my desire to minimize pores and moisturize and taking account of my age I decided to try the Anew Rejuvenate 30+ products. I purchased the Rejuvenate Revitalizing 2-in-1 Gel Cleanser, Rejuvenate Day Cream (spf 15) and Rejuvenate Night Cream. In trying the cleanser I loved how gentle it felt on my skin. Previous cleansers left my skin dry, red and even a little tingling sensation. My belief was it must be working; rather than it is irritating my skin. Upon using AVON's product I didn't realize there was such a more pleasant way to treat your skin. My face felt refreshed, clean. I then followed the skin care line into the day and night cream. The day cream is great, not oily to the touch and left my face feeling clean as well, a perfect foundation to start my makeup routine; a definite confident booster. Other creams have left my fingers and face feeling like I slathered Vaseline on my face, heavy. My makeup suffered because of it. The Rejuvenate Night Cream feels great, it too is light and not oily in the slightest however for my skin type I felt like it was over moisturizing. I like the feeling of my skin being able to breathe and having it covered day and night was a little much for me.

In addition to the Rejuvenate line I really wanted to focus on minimizing my pores. I gave Mark's Need a Shrink? a try...it was wonderful! I saw overnight results. To reduce the amount of layers of cream on my face during the day I apply this product at night focusing on the places I want the "shrink" and by the time I wake up...BAM! Even the first morning I did a double take. This is product has made its way into my "must haves".

Most of my customers that have tried any of the Anew products usually become loyal Anew users. If you aren't 100% convinced to dive into the full price commitment there are 2-week kits available; which I can stretch out longer ;) for 1/4 of the cost

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