Sunday, November 04, 2012


What can I say about Scentsy beyond that fact that I am in love! And can I tell you they have the most adorable warmers for the upcoming holidays.

For those who have never heard of Scentsy it is a wick less burner system that melts wax through the use of a warmer powered by a light bulb. They are much safer alternative to candles especially if you have kiddos. The bulbs range from 15-25w depending on the size warmer. Along with the warmers and fragrances Scentsy also has tons of other scented products from travel tins, scent paks, body creams, dryer disks and the list goes on.

I love the products so much I considered selling it myself just haven't made the leap. I just closed a basket party through my Scentsy representative and did pretty well. I was able to score $380 worth of free product! I am so excited I can barely handle it. It was like a Scentsy shopping spree. Check out what they have to offer here.

I had my basket party open for just shy of 3 weeks and with each sale I helped people pick out the best scents that would suite them....lets just say that I became very familiar with the scents and their names. Some names for example are: Luna, Enchanted Mist, Route 66, Festival of Trees, Camu Camu, White Sands, Rio Beach, Satin Sheets, etc. In the middle of my basket party I got inspired to write a sentence using the Scentsy fragrance names....that sentence quickly became a story that I wrote with a girlfriend of mine. I thought I would share it with you, all of the bolded text are fragrance it goes:

41 Shades of Green
My Dear Watson,
I want to recount our Love Story. Do you remember how we met on the White Sands of Lotus Cove off the Amalfi Coast? In what was left of the heat of the Autumn Sunset the Clean Breeze whisked the fresh Enchanted Mist onto our skin as we were Skinny Dippin’ in the Ocean. I thought to my self “RU N2 ME?” I had to remember to Just Breathe when your French Kiss Lingered on my lips making me Quiver and my heart Flutter. Your Flirtatious ways made My Wish of being Lucky in Love to which I thought to myself “You Go Girl”. We drove down Route 66 to the Christmas Cottage on Amber Road which was a nice Welcome Home. While sipping Honey Pear Cider your Silhouette by the Cozy Fireside sparked Embers within me. The Thunderstorm started deep inside me and you were Simply Irresistible as my Sheer Innocence escaped me. You told me to Be Still and laid me down in the Satin Sheets. You whispered in my ear “You taste like Vanilla Cream”. It was then I experienced my Awakening and it took me to the Garden of Love. As of that moment you were My Home. Nine months later we wished a Happy Birthday to our precious bundle of joy in her Newborn Nursery never having a short of Eskimo Kisses.
Your Cinnamon Bear
So what do you think? We already have a  couple other stories in the works....too much fun!

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