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Saturday, November 10, 2012

When you first start to couponing it can be very intimidating. For those that are new to this world it can be down right scary, will my couponds work? Will the total be the right amount? What if it isn't and I can't afford the final price? All questions that I asked myself when I first started to coupon. Let me tell you those feels do not last, in fact they are so far gone that you will confidently tell a cashier "Yes, you do" when you know the cashier is wrong.

This was one scenario where I was still a little new:

I am standing at the register all of my items scanned and bagged and the cashier tells me we don't "do that" - referring to a coupon process. I insisted that, yes, you do do that! She refuses and I say, your policy says that you do. With the line building behind me, my daughter squirming in our cart I relunctantly cave and inform the cashier to forget about it. The frustration in me as I walk out of the store - knowing I am right - is ready to burst! I am mumbling unlady like things under my breath as I am leaving the store cursing the incompetent cashier, of course without Sophie hearing, knowing I am right and they are wrong!!!

And day, I receive invaluable advice. I kick myself for not thinking of it first...carry the store policy with you!! HELLOOO! Perfect! That way the next time a cashier tries to tell me they don't "do that" I can point to THEIR store policy and say it says it right here. And ever since I have relied on carrying their store policies I have been proven correct each and every time a cashier thought they didn't do "that".

In an effort to make it easier for you - which is the whole point of this blog, right? ;) I have provided the links so you can print out policies with ease. I keep these in page protectors at the back of my coupon binder.

Walmart - A couple of new things to notice is #1 they DO allow overage. Meaning if your coupon is $1.00 and the product is $0.75 you will make $.25 in overage wheather be that against your purchase of you would like to cash out. #2 when price matching an item you are NOT required to carry the ad as proof. Not to say that it doesn't help to be able to have back up but if you have a price match item and inform of the cost and the cashier questions it the cashier is responsible for having the ad. So at least print out their Ad Match Guarantee policy as back up.
Fry's - Fry's rolls any manufacturer coupon under a $1 to equal a $1. They accept competitor Catalinas (including Walgreens). Catalinas are the coupons that print out at the cash registers that say Manufacturer across the top. Fry's is also allows overage on face value coupons. Face value meaning if the product is on sale for $1.50 and you have a $2.00 coupon you will earn a $0.50 overage, which must be applied towards other items in the purchase. If you have a $0.25 coupon and buying a $0.98 cent item please note the coupon will roll up equal to the price of the item or $1. In this case it would roll up to $0.98. If the product was $1.25 then the coupon will roll up to $1.00 making the product $.25.
Target - Allows you to use one MF coupon and one Target coupon together on the same item. If you have overage it is to be applied to your purchase. For BOGO deals in order to use two coupons on the same purchase one must be Target and the other must be MF. You cannot use two BOGOs together anymore.
Safeway - I don't do much shopping at Safeway, mainly because there are no perks for couponing. They don't accept catalinas and last I knew they didn't roll up their coupons which I guess varies by store so check with them.
Walgreens - allowed one store coupon and one MF coupon on the same item. They do not roll up their coupons. They do not allow overage; a coupon will be reduced to the total price of the item. If there is a BOGO sale you are allowed to use two $ off coupons on both items. They have a Register Rewards program where you wearn RRs from the tiems you purchase. The amount of coupons and RRs cannot exceed the quantity of items you are buying. This is where "fillers" come into play.

CVS - has ECBs (extra care bucks) similar to Walgreens Register Rewards. With CVS there is no limit to the amount of ECBs that can be used. You are allowed one store coupon and on MF coupon on one item. During a BOGO sale you are allowed to use a BOGO coupon to get both items free (must pay sales tax). Coupons cannot exceed the price of the product; if so the coupon will be reduced to equal to price.

 So print out each policy, read through them to become familiar and then place at the back of your organizing system; which ever it may be.

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