december '12 birchbox

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I received great goodies in my December Birchbox (as I usually do). A couple of items from this box has made it into my permanent collection. I can't tell you how much I love to receive samples of high end brands to test and try out without making a full size commitment. It is just awesome!

Here is my December Birchbox:

In my holiday edition Birchbox I had:

  • Aerie Shimmer Frangrance
  • Benefit Cosmetics it's potent! eye cream: i'm thinking I like this one a lot...I noticed in one use the underneath of my eyes being brighter well into the day and evening.
  • Kerastase Resistance Climent Thermique - Protect: one of the items that made my permanent collection. So I applied this to my hair right out of the shower. Right away it smoothed my hair so I could easier comb my fingers through. I normally flat iron my hair after I blow dry however after applying it looked so great after blow drying I didn't need to. H5! Saved time skipping that step....wooohooo for a mama on the go.
  • ModelCo SHINE Ultra Lip Gloss: another that has made its way into my purse. This wonderfully smelling and silky smooth lipgloss is FA-BU! Super light, just a hint of tint to give you a subtle kissable pucker and HELLOOOO a built in mirror....amazeballs! awesome!
  • Chuao Chocolatier ChocoPod: Yummy as far as dark chocolate goes however they are mixing textures and that is not something I respond well to.
  • RenttheRunway gift card: Such a great idea! Wish I had an event that required such garb. Anyway this is an online store that you can rent looks off the runway, which is a great idea because so many times you buy a dress you probably won't wear again.

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