ornament #6: ribbon ornament

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Okay, this is Ornament #6 of my 12 Days of Ornaments. I couldn't think of anything clever for this ornament so Ribbon Ornament it is. This ornament is a super simple ornament. With just few materials you can make yourself this crazy cute addition to your Christmas tree.

  • Ribbon - different colors (size between 1/4" - 3/8")
  • 3" styrofoam balls
  • Sequin pins
  • Furry rope stuff (LOL I am not sure what it is called)
Step one is to cut ribbon into 4" pieces...depending on the width of all of your ribbon you will need somewhere around 20-30 pieces.

Once all of the ribbon is cut stack some onto a sequin pin alternating colors.

Stick the ribbon stacked sequin pin into a styrofoam ball

Separate the ribbons so they will lay flat against the ball and pin the loose ends to the bottom of the ball

Once the initial set of ribbons are pinned fill in the gaps with your remaining ribbon. Work your way around the ball until it is completely covered.

Using your thinnest ribbon cut an 11" piece of it.

Knot the two ends together

Using a sequin pin secure pierce the ribbon through the knot onto the top of the styrofoam ball

Cut two 3" pieces of the furry rope

Secure one piece to the top of the ornament around the ribbon loop you just fasten (I only needed to use 2 sequin pins to secure it. Then secure the other piece to the bottom. If you don't realize already this is to cover the sequin pin work from securing the ribbon.

Once you complete the above step your ornament should be ready for the Christmas tree!!!

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