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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Recently I had to sign up to a couple of websites for work and in the moment as I was typing in my new one gazillionth username and password I I wish I could have I more like had a temper tantrum. LOL. Anyway I think I have reached my mental capacity for usernames and passwords because not 2 hours of creating them I totally spaced them out. So I created a cheat sheet for myself and I thought why not share so you can delete some storage space in your brain too ;)

Now I probably wouldn't recommend your banking or other important usernames and passwords be written down, unless this can be kept secure, but your others that aren't as high profile can.

Access my Password Keeper here or by clicking the image.

Note: Don't worry if the image shows up white or empty in the main image, once you select to print it the background should return.

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