project home: kitchen (1st half)

Monday, December 31, 2012

It is a rare moment that I have the ability to knock out and focus on home stuff. The times are starting to get fewer and farther between with our work schedules, school, parenting, etc. So any opprotunity I get I like to try and get some project home kind of stuff done. This usually happens during nap times (if they line up) or staying up uber late.

With the new year coming I wanted to re-organize one of the areas we use the most and that is the kitchen. A lot of people say it is the heart of the home.

I re-organized 5 cabinets and freshened up 3. I have many more to go but it is a start.

First things first showing my before picture aaaaand *rosey cheeks* slightly embarassing, but I wanted to show you where I started. As you can see all of our glasses/cups are everywhere with no rhyme or reason. Kind of happens in the throws of everything.


To tackle this project I started by removing everything. Taking the opprotunity to clean all of the shelves and then return an orderly fashion.


I put our barware at the very top because it is not used as frequently as everything else. Followed by plastic cups which are only used when we have company, for whatever reason I don't care to drink from platic. Then followed by our travel drink containers. Cold beverage containers on the left and hot beverage containers on the right; including my husbands k-cup storage. On the bottom shelf I placed the glasses we use all the time on the left and made my hubby a coffee station on the right that includes his mugs and easy to access k-cups in the basket.


Next were some cabinets that were kind of all purpose and another casualty of our busy schedules. With no rhyme or reason they became a catch all for our toddler and infant items. Below (looking
through my fingers) is the before.

I again removed EVERYTHING and then cleaned all of the shelves.


I maximized the left smaller cabinet as our "baby central". At the very top I stored our stock of cups and snack containers. Then formula and our sanitizing bags. Followed by baby food, rice and bottle drops-ins and at the very bottom my toddler's plates and cups.

In the far right cabinets I decided to make our appliance center. I do not care to keep my appliances on the counters, to me it is unneeded clutter, I like bare counters. Previous to this we kept our toaster in one cabinet, our blender in cabinets over the fridge, the food process over the microwave and the large coffee maker in another area. It drove me crazy to have to remember where something was, to be honest I have no clue why we did it that way. Anyhow this has made it so much easier not only in the fact that they are all together but they are all together...thought process is gone...yeeehaw! Plus they are over the counter in which they would be used.

From the above cabinets if you turn around 180 is our pantry. Our very modest sized pantry. This had previously been organized but just needed a touch up.

This is our spice cabinet. All of our spices are in the bottom basket. All of my baking neccessities in the 2nd (middle) and our medications at the very top in a very child friendly spot.

Nothing fancy here, our utensil drawer that also houses our assorted napkin rings and placemats. Keeps it all handy and accessible.

So there you have it. A quick re-org to get us on the right track for the new year. I will have another post that will contain the rest of the kitchen that might include a lunch station....just maybe. I have some ideas ;)

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