free udder cover: designer nursing cover

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


When I was preggers I stumbled upon these free designer nursing covers and although I have no need for them now I took a looksee to check if I could still score them for free....aaaaand YUP!

So check out Udder Covers and pick out any item at $35 or less to get to it free or a gift set for $4.95 (plus ship). They have some very cute and albeit fashionable nursing covers. This would be a great gift too if you know anyone expecting.

Use promo codes: FAMILY to receive $35 off your order

Udder Cover - after promo code = free + shipping
Washable Breast Pad set - after promo code = free + shipping
Gift Set (cover, pads, nursing bracelet) = after code = $4.95 + shipping

Pretty sweet deal, eh?

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