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Friday, February 22, 2013

This week didn't prove to be super eventful but I still had moments that made it great. We finally fell back to our regular routine after the entire family being sick for about 2 weeks. I took off work, the hubby took off work and so far this has been the first week we have worked each day to its entirity...so that's a plus in itself. Here are the top 5 highlights from my week.

1. The mini books I ordered from My Publisher came in! The entire mini book is made of pictures of both my girls in each picture. Love it! Paid only $1.97 for 5 books....awesome!

2. I loved a picture of my girls so much that I finally ordered my cell phone case and made a personalized one using the picture I love so much.

3. I am officially a Scentsy consultant!!! Yummy smelly days are here again! Scentsy's are amazingly wonderful wickless wax burners that are incredibly beautiful. I have about 10 warmers alone not to mention the tons of scents as well. If you would like to know more about Scenty visit my website or  go here or here to previous posts about my love for Scentsy.

4. After a very looong day of work I came home Wednesday night, went upstairs and found my hubby washed all of our linens so I didn't have to over the weekend. It is the little things that makes a wife's heart flutter isn't it?

5. My 3 year old crawled into my bed Thursday morning and for the first time nuggled with mama and actually fell back asleep. Usually it is crawl into bed, toss and turn and ask to go downstairs. It was a great way to wake up.

So those were the little moments that stood out to me this week. Not high in action but high in love.

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  1. I love mommy snuggles too. I had to ban my daughter from my room though because when I call asleep, she gets into my stuff.

  2. I love the cell phone cover! That picture is definitely one to be framed!