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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My husband and I had been tossing the idea of canceling our cable around for probably a year or two, but we never bit the bullet. I think we were too nervous of not having television to watch. And if you know us you know we love our T.V. I, myself am a huge reality T.V. and DVR buff, love 'em. So I know my reason of not wanting to take the plunge...I would be without my Survivor, Bachelor, Apprentice, etc.

Well this year was the year. Our focus this year is to pay of debt so although we don't live extravagant lives we decided to eliminate an expense. Cable with DVR was that expense, at $63 a month it accumulates to $756 for a year! Nearly $800....for T.V.! As of January 8th we have not have cable or ::wimper:: DVR. We were already members of Netflix and to help overcome our T.V. addiction we also subscribed to HuluPlus which is more focused on television shows rather than movies and we also purchased a digital HD antenna.

So rather than $70.99 for our cable and Netflix we spend $16.30 for Netflix and HuluPlus not to mention we can watch either two anywhere. So that is kind of cool!

Did you make any financial cuts this year? If so what did you eliminate?

I am hoping this cable free lifestyle won't be forever but for now it is not that bad. The only show I am missing is American Idol and I can't tell you it bothers me that much, which has been a nice surprise.

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  1. We already have Netflix and Hulu Plus as well through our Roku 2 device, but we still have basic cable and internet through our cable provider. We have been talking about getting rid of the TV cable and saving another $30.00 a month. I have mentioned this to the bill owner, but they have yet to cut it off. I am just waiting for her to finally do it. We will keep our internet though.

  2. Hilary - with all that Netflix and Hulu Plus provide it almost seems silly to have cable, huh? Yes we kept our internet too, we have WiFi at home so we are able to connect our mobile devices. Hopefully your bill owner will cut it off soon to save you that little bit more!

  3. She has memory issues, so I almost have to remind her over and over to do it. We are huge NCIS fans and we love watching a show that comes on Sunday night. We hate the idea of waiting until the next day to see it after everyone is already talking about it, but the extra money would be worth it.

    1. I totally understand. We have 2 shows we miss every Sunday too. But just as you said the we prefer the $ and will see the shows a day later.