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Monday, February 04, 2013

Recently as I was skimming the pages of one of my Avon catalogs I came across this new little make up caddy they are selling. I thought immediately "gotta have it". You see, I have always struggled with my make up organization. I have had it in a drawer, separate containers, on a board via magnets, you name it I have tried it all. And nothing and I mean nothing seemed to work for me. I don't always apply my make up in the same place so having it in a dedicated spot in my bedroom or bathroom doesn't work for me.

And you might think why not get one of those silver make up boxes....just not my taste. I had a mini version once and even thought that was too clunky. But I still need its portability. So in browsing an Avon catalog it dawned on me! I had this craft caddy/tote that I have had and used only once since 2007ish. It sat empty in my office waiting for it's "time". Well now is it's time!

This caddy I bought at Michaels a few years ago however you can still purchase a like item here. As you can see it has compartments galore!


So instead of this little guy sitting in my office closet another day I put him to use, good use.
On one end I placed all of my eye brushes and tools including tweezers and clippers.

On the opposite end I put my quick and easy chapsticks, lip glosses and lip liners. It is wonderful to not have to "dig" anymore in bins or drawers. I can see all of the colors without moving anything.


On what I call the front of the caddy I have my mascaras, eyeliners, eye make up remover swabs and in the little pouch pencil sharpener.
 On the opposite outer long sides I put all of my face products: my BB cream, powder, concealer etc.

The interior is divided into mac eye shadow, misc/true colors eye shadow, blush and cream shadow, Avon samples and lipsticks and glosses.

I am in love with my new make up caddy. I can simply pluck and go with my products, I can see them practically all at once and I can carry it around very easily. I am a mama of two girls three and under so I may not always get to sit and do my make up in my bathroom so this makes it tons easier.

What do you use for your make up storage? Do you like it? What changes would you make if you could?

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