decorating easter eggs: toddler to teen

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

I am hoping to have a few posts of Easter fun things during the month of March so I thought why not start now. I have Easter on the brain. This year will be the first official year we will be decorating eggs with our 3 year old in the sense that we will let her do it for the most part all on her own. So I was on the hunt for some toddler ways to dye eggs and I gotta say you can decorate eggs pretty much with anything.

On my easter egg hunt (pun intended) I found some great ways to color easter eggs that I thought I would share. Most of these would be great even for older children and tweens. I had a 'smack my head' moment for not thinking of some of these myself. They are so creative and beautiful. Clicking on the pictures or the name link will take you to the websites with more information.

Rubber Stamped Eggs - the possibilities are endless. Dye first, stamp first, color in stamped area. You can decorate to your hearts contect with any variety of rubber stamps. The clear would be the most helpful so you can see as you are applying your stemp.

Temporary Tattoo - Eggs - how clever is this? Simply apply like you would on your arm and whalah!

Glitter Eggs - now normally I stay away from glitter but for older kids this looks pretty doable. Simple use double sided sticker rounds and dab your egg in glitter.

Washi Tape Eggs - this stuff is like the ducts tape for crafting. You can use it on/for anything. Use it to do stripes or cut smaller sections to decorate completely. Great for the kiddos!

Marker Eggs - Bust out the Crayolas and hard boiled eggs and bam! Easter eggs are that easy. This would be great for any age group. They have some very intricate eggs out there that are just gorgeous.

Painted Eggs - as simple as the Marke Eggs but potentially a little messier. But these would turn out so vibrant and beautiful.

Tissue Paper Eggs - a take on paper mache simply apply some white glue and add pieces of tissue paper until the egg is covered.

Rubber Band Eggs - this also surprised me with its simplicity but gorgeous eggs. Wrap some rubber bands around your egg....drop in some dye and BAM!

Sticker Eggs - couldn't get much easier than grabbing some stickers and letting your kiddos go nuts. You can also place the stickers on first, dye the egg and remove the stickers for this gorgeous affect! And if they are anything like my 3 year old this would fill them with joy!

Chalkboard Eggs - What a cool idea is this? Paint your eggs with chalkboard paint and let your kiddos decorate to the cows come home. And you don't have to stick with black, crafts stores have multi colored chalkboard paint. Love this one!

Naturally Dyed Eggs - I thought I would include a link to dye eggs naturally. This would be great not just for the environment but would be a cool experiment to do with older kids. I personally think they are gorgeous and are colors that you normally don't get from a Paas kit. So for those that are into eco-friendly ways of life this would be a great fit!

I am having a hard time picking one technique so we might have to do a couple so mama can live out her childhood egg dying too!

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  1. Awesome ideas!! These are great!

  2. Loving these! I especially love the tattoos (I give these out to my piano students as prizes so have LOADS of supplies I could use!) and also the glitter spots and stickers. Will definitely be trying some of these ... even if I am neither toddler or teen! Thanks for posting :-) Pinning now!

    Hannah ♫

    1. Thank you! Yes, lets just say I will be having fun this year too ;)

  3. My kids would love these! I must do some this year. Found you on the mingle and now following, would love a follow back :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by!

  4. These eggs are so cute! We would love to have you share this at our Strut Your Stuff Saturday link party at We hope to see you soon! -The Six Sisters

    1. Thank you so much for visiting. I would love to join! See ya Saturday ;)

  5. Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop :) You have a super cute blog, I can't wait to read more.

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  6. thanks for share..