h5 for friday

Friday, March 08, 2013

So, I must tell you this week has be pretty cram packed. I am very much ready for my weekend to do some spring cleaning, hang around the house and spend time with my girls. These top five for me may not stand out in a normal week for someone else however for me a couple are rarities that I got to enjoy.

1. I booked two Scentsy events and tentatively scheduled another! I will be setting up a booth at a children's and women's consignment event here in AZ  called Rhea Lana in just over a week and another called One Heart 2 Another in California in April. Super excited!

2. In the mail on Tuesday a personalized cell phone case was waiting for me! I tore through that package which then had a bag inside, which then had a box which was wrapped in tissue paper :::just gimme my case already::: I squirmed with delightment when I saw how it turned out. I love it!

3. After 2 years I fi-nah-ly bought a laptop case. Two years?!? You ask...yes two years. I didn't want some ordinary plan ol' bag but that is what I ended up getting. I never found 'the' one but if I meet it one day I am sure it will be love at first site ;)

photo courtesy of: take a break and bake - I didn't get a chance to snap a photo but this is identical
4. I had lunch with a great friend which was a wonderful treat. We gabbed and ate our sammy's, soup and salads and then topped it of with the most decadent slice of cheesecake it was Adam's Peanut Butter Cheesecake and wowie it was yummy.

5. In the past I have bounced from different organizational planners whether it be apps or google or whichever however they never worked 100% for me. Well I purchased a planner this week and so far it is working fantastic! I am able to jot down notes (not on post-its), I have it color coded and so far it looks like a winner.

These week seemed to drag on. Tuesday seems so long ago. I am very much looking forward to my weekend.

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