h5 for friday

Friday, March 29, 2013

I am trying to get better about my "h5 for friday" in terms of taking more pictures. I told myself just snap away this week - lets just say I have plenty of room for improvement.

1. I started off my week on such a wonderfully bad note. We were treated to lunch at work and I indulged in pasta, garlic cheese bread....eeeeek and New York cheesecake.....yeowza! And it wasn't a sliver of cheesecake it was the most massive piece - I spent 3 hours nibbling at it. And if you want to know, no, I couldn't finish it.

2. I booked my 6th Scentsy event! So awesome. This one is in a very good neighborhood so I am hoping it does well.

3. I finally and I mean FI-NA-LLY got my blood work done for my insurnace coverage. Only had 4 days left - talk about down to the wire. Turns out I wasn't the only one - ran into a couple of coworkers...hahaha.

4. Normally I work 10a-8:30p so I am not able to be home in the evenings and sit around the dinner table with my little family (sad I know) however, this week I was needed in a different capacity at work so my hours shifted for a couple of days. Which landed me getting off work a 5pm!!!! It was so nice to walk into the door and hear my 3 year old yell that I was home and be home for "their" dinner. We even did yard work together...it was great!

5. Every other Wednesday a couple of friends and I do trivia at a local Irish pub. It has been a couple of months since our schedules lined up so we not only were able to go on Wednesday but we actually won a round! Yay us! This is only the 2nd time we have won a round since last summer.

Overall this was an exhausting week, but a very good one. Just wished I chose more comfortable shoes throughout the week ;)

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  1. Hooray for extra time with family and friends!