h5 for friday

Friday, April 12, 2013

It's Friday! Can a week feel very long and short at the same time? There were moments of my week that felt like it took forever and then other parts that just whizzed by. Overall it was a H5 kind of week. Here are my H5 moments:

1. I only had a two day work week - awesomeness wrapped up in just pure delight! It is great when yeah your Monday is your Monday but when your Tuesday is your Friday - holllllaaaaa for happiness!

2. We received our tax refunds! I was very excited about this. It is one thing to be expecting it and then another for it to be in your 'really wanting to be spending it but put in savings for safe keeping hands' *sigh of relief*

3. We hit the road to California (home) - on our way in we met up with my husband's mom for brunch. That was a nice break from the road. Not to mention I don't believe I have seen her in over a year or maybe even two. But we always just pick up from where we left off.

4. I had my 2nd Scentsy event here in Cali. It went better than my 1st Scentsy event which is a positive and after each event I learn more and more which is invaluable. It is such a fun learning experience.

5. Easter is finally here! Did you just say, "huh?". Yes, yes we are now celebrating Easter. We tend to have "polish" holidays a lot - mainly because of our schedules not lining up. This time we had to have a Polish Easter. The kiddos are so little they don't know the difference and it still gives an opportunity to celebrate together. I think we have "Polished" each holiday at least once.

So yay for time off work, spending time with family and learning new things! Again I fly through the week without pics - grrrrr!

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