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Monday, April 15, 2013

In a recent visit to Ikea I bought these simple white mirrors - they were only $1.99! How could I pass them up, right? Ikea has really stepped up their game when it comes to product. For the longest time they had this stigma of being cheap college dorm material but they have definitely broadened their demographic.

After I got home I had thought why not jazz up these cute little mirrors to make them even cuter...so....I tried.

It should be known by now I have a small love affair with chevron. Just wonder your eye and you will know ;) These mirrors are planned for my office and since I don't have any chevron pattern in my office :::cue gasp::: I thought I would add a little.

I gotta tell you planning out a chevron pattern was harder than I anticipated. But once you get the initial concept down the rest goes pretty fast.

You will need:
  • Something to jazz up
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Masking tape
  • Paint and brush

To start the chevron pattern I began with some pencil line help. For the mirror I started with 3" measurements across the top.

Based on the angle degree I wanted for my chevron pattern, I then measured 2" down.

At the 2" I measured across starting at the 1 1/2" mark and then proceeding with a mark every 3" from there.

Once the marks or dots were made I connected them to reveal the chevron shape

I then cut appropriately size pieces of masking tape lining the tape above the pencil line.

Then using a piece of the masking tape as a spacer or divider I simply free taped the remaining chevron.

After all the tape has been adhered I then painted over the tape - two coats

After the paint fully dries, carefully remove the masking tape.

My chevron isn't 100% perfect but I like the way it turned out and adding a little personal touch to a white mirror.

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  1. what a difference! Now it's beautiful!

  2. What a great upgrade for a $2 mirror! Love the gray!