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Tuesday, April 09, 2013

At a recent consignment event I had the lovely pleasure of meeting Rebekah an Origami Owl Independent Designer. We had  tables right across from each other and it didn't take much time before we were sharing stories and gabbing about our lives and our kiddos. When I saw these 'living lockets' I immediately had to have one. That, my friend, was the easy decision.

For whatever reason, in the last couple of years, I have become very indecisive. Feeling the weight of my decision on my shoulders as if it were my life. So dumb, I know. Needless to say it took over the course of 4 hours to make my final charm/necklace choices. I would make a decision, then walk away and think, then return to her table play with more option yadda. Thank goodness it was a situation where I could go and return making small changes as the afternoon went on.

I love love loooove mine. The time both Rebekah and I took paid off because she has one happy customer.  I normally don't splurge on myself like this so I had to make an agreement that this was an early Mother's Day gift.

Each necklace comes in its own Origami Owl to-go box and a fabric fortune cookie - too cute

The charms and dangle I chose: laptop, anchor, infinity, mom heart, wedding ring, I love you hand. My dangle is the ivory pearl and via the locket extender - S and L charms. My chain is the Silver Flat Oval Link chain.

 This accessory has a little bit of every aspect of my life - it means so much and that is why it is perfect! If you get a chance please stop by her shop online - lets just say I think I know what I will be doing for all of my family and friends and upcoming holidays ;)

I was not paid nor compensated for this post - I am simply a happy and very much satisfied customer who had to share her new buy.

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  1. Chelsea~ I am an Origami Owl designer as well. :-)