spring cleaning week #4: the bathroom

Sunday, April 07, 2013

So here we are. Welcome to Week #4 of my Spring Cleaning Blog Series - The Bathroom. Two more weeks and we will be all done! I hope everyone had a great holiday and week. It's time to get crackin' again. Oddly enough this is one of my favorite rooms to have clean and tidy. When I want to have a mini spa day or treat myself to an at home pedi I love to be able to go directly to all my supplies without hunting for things.

A couple of tips: get a quick and easy lunch and dinner planned. Because most of use have more than one bathroom to tackle it may be a full day and worrying about cooking entire meals in between will either unmotivated you or stress you out. Plan some healthy Subway sandwiches for lunch with a crockpot dinner or homemade sammies with a pizza dinner. And don't feel guilty, you will be working hard and burning calories.

Alright now that meals are arranged lets grab our caddies, jamming music and get to scrubbin'!

Print out your list here:

If you can't print the list here it is:
  • Launder decorative towels
  • Launder all dirty bathroom linens and rugs
  • Dust light fixtures
  • Wipe down window sills
  • remove items from medicine cabinet and wipe down cabinet - in and out
  • Return items to medicine cabinet and organize (purge expired/unneeded items)
  • Dust art
  • Dust towel bars/rings
  • Dust mirror
  • Wipe down counter
  • Scrub sink and shine faucet
  • Remove items from cabinets/drawers and wipe down cabinets - in and out
  • Return items and organize (purge expired/unneeded items)
  • Scrub toilet - in and out
  • Scrub tub/shower and shine faucet - remove all items & purge unneeded - return items
  • Change shower liner (if applicable)
  • Wipe down walls
  • Wipe down switch plate and outlets
  • Wipe down doors (including top ledge of door), knobs and trim
  • Sweep and scrub floor

Our bathroom isn't a glamorous one. We are still working on the downstairs and will be moving to the upstairs soon.

Nothing fancy here.

As almost default I automatically got the left sink due to the medicine cabinet. He didn't care much. But it left him only having small counter space for his toiletries which let me be honest, drove me crazy! So in an effort to give him more space and keep my sanity I came up with this solution of utilizing some of the free space to the right of the counter.

I took a trip to Wal-Mart and bought some Command hooks and a basket. We hung the hooks.

Here is the basket - we needed one with more of an open weave to allow the hooks to access through the basket.


We hung the basket like so

And he uses it like so

It just occurred to me as I am writing this post but we could double decker this bad boy down the side of the cabinet. Great use of the that space!

I also had the kiddo's bathroom and a half bath to tackle. The half bath took no time at all and the kiddo's bathroom was fairly simple. Because our master has a large tub they bathe in our tub and don't do much unsupervised in their bathroom so it stays pretty tidy, just had to a good clean but it went pretty quick.

Tip: If you have young kiddos that undo your work as you work (like mine), while doing the bathroom spring cleaning, plop them in a bubble bath while you work. It is perfect. They are in practically arms reach, they can play and you can clean. Make sure you have everything you need in your cleaning caddy. Then after bath is all done the tub is nice and wet to do some scrubbing.

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