free printable friday: calorie tracker

Friday, May 03, 2013

Dare I say that bathing suit season is almost upon us? Eeeek!

Although you will not catch me wearing one this upcoming swim suit season I still am watching my eating habits. Mainly for a goal that I have by my birthday. Any way in the past I have done online trackers which are fantastic however I don't always have time during the day to actually log on to a computer to do so and tend to make notes on sticky notes and log on later. So I thought why don't I just create my own little tracker that I can keep in my planner (that I am in 1,000 times a day). So I did just that! And my mommy taught me to share so I am.

This tracker is a pretty simple one with an area to track calories, activity or calories burned and water intake.  I included the water intake because I like to check things off ;) I like to feel a sense of accomplishment when I do get all my water in.

You can print it here. I hope you enjoy and find it useful.

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  1. This is great Chelsea! I also have an app for calorie counting, but I don't always get around to entering food...

    Happy Friday!