h5 for friday

Friday, May 10, 2013

The last couple weeks have been good ones. I say weeks [plural] because I didn't get to a 'h5 for friday' last week or the week prior for that matter. They have been great but busy. So let me tell you the ways....the 5 ways it has been great!

  1. Ice cream is always good! But there is something about McDonald's soft serve that I looooove! So yum.
  2. My sis and I went a little drugstore makeup happy. Fun stuff!
  3. Back in March I reached the Shooting Star goal through Scentsy and I finally received my Pandora inspired shooting star bracelet! Yay!
  4. My generous sis saw how shoe deprived I am and gave me these cute pair of shoes. I admit I suffer from mama syndrome where mamas only spend on their youngin' even though they need something for themselves but never buy for themselves. It's buy shoes for the little one or for me.....the little one, yadda.
  5. My sister and I had our first drink together since she became an Arizona resident! Great evening that took a turn we didn't expect. Who knew a round of drinks would lead to a great business transaction! Love it!

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