h5 for friday

Friday, May 17, 2013

I am going to dive right into my weekly happenings - nothing as crazy as having to perform another PLP but there were some great highlights.

  1. I was just congratulating a friend on her amazing Craigslist find, whining that I never find anything so fabulous at such a great price....until....I found this AH-MAZING deal on a desk. It was so fantastic I called the hubby ASAP to go and do the pick up. His lovingly patient self came to my rescue and after a long day of work traveled the 40 miles to get it for me. I ::heart:: that guy. I scored this fab dual Expedit desk for $50!!!
  2. Model home love - my sis and I decided to check out the model homes for a new community they are building. Although aren't in market it is so much fun to just browse and take notes on the decor ;) They put so much thought into the details even coordinating the couple articles of clothing hanging in the closest to the decor. At one point I had to convince my sis that you are NOT allowed to shop and take the clothing.
  3. Scentsy Certified Status - I officially got the email and phone call that I am now a Certified Consultant! Yahoo! I am having such a great time with my Scentsy business - it is so much fun!
  4. Candy Land - My saint of a hubby in addition to #2 above worked a long shift for me so I could go home earlier than normal and be with my girls. If they are not already asleep when I get home on the weekdays I only see them for maybe 1/2 hour. So it could be days before I can get more than a 1/2 hour - so when I got home I threw on my jammies and my 3 year old and I played Candy Land together. It was so nice to sit and chat with my little one as we played.
  5. This mother's day was my first with two girls. My baby nugs was a little under the weather and although I had to work I came home to find out she had taken her first steps. Bittersweet but I am still a proud mama!

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