making it work: pedi edition

Monday, May 13, 2013

With a busy life comes a life with luxuries that time doesn't allot. Even an at home pedicure. In the past week I was so short on time I had to give myself an "PLP" - Parking Lot Pedicure. Did you just snort some coffee through your nose? I am not kidding. I ran into Target, grabbed some essentials, snagged a parking spot waaaaay, I mean waaaay in the back and got to work.

Being a woman we have a skill that figures things out when you are in a jam. We learn we have this ability when a heel breaks off at the beginning of a date or when our little one needs a diapie change and there is no changing station and your backseat is full of car seats.

This was my latest, I had no time and feet that need some TLC. So I made it work. I found a Target grabbed some necessities and performed some pedi triage. Here are the supplies I picked up.

if you look at the very bottom of the photo you can see the teal cap to the polish remover
I think this is probably an obvious statement but maneuvering in your front seat to scrub those feet is not easy. I moved the seat all the way back, through the steering wheel in its highest position and performed what I honestly think could be classified as a miracle. I cursed myself as I realized I didn't grab a bottle of water to make this job that much easier but I gotta say baby wipes have a surprising amount of liquid you can squeeze out. With two children you'd think I'd know that.

And here are my toesies once painted. Yes that is a Target bag rolled to be toe separators. Making it work! LOL.

When we are a girl on the run we gotta do what Tim Gunn always says "Make it work"! That little phrase has a new meaning to me now.

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