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Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The end of the school year is approaching and although I don't have children school age just yet the "mommy" in me feels it necessary to see what kind of school gifts will be good for when they are in school. Not to mention it is fun to look at all of the creative DIY gifts out there.

For the mamas that would love to put together some DIY gifts but don't have the time ::: ahem me :::  here are some just as wonderfully thoughtful gifts teachers would be just as thrilled to receive.

#1 - Scentsy - Are these warmers not the cutest? Here we have the ABC warmer and the Big Apple warmer matched with the adorably perfect scents Red Candy Apple and Apple Press

Don't forget about other teachers - like the Piano teacher - this warmer is called Baby Grand

#2 - Origami Owl - beautifully sentimental, no teacher will forget who gave them this gorgeous living locket. 100% personalized you can pick and choose the charms.

#3 - Bath and Body Works - simple and sweet.


#4 - Soda Pop - great for a mom on the go, grab a pack of soda, a bow and a little note to the teacher.


And for those who would like to DIY your teacher gifts here are some ideas that I thought were cute and stood out.

#5 "Thank you for helping me grow" - cutest potted plant EVER! And it is a chalkboard!


#6 Pencil letters - I am sure you have seen these all over but I still find them very cute but what I hadn't see before was the letter below. It is made out of computer keys! So clever! What makes this even more perfect is keyboards can be found at any local thrift store for super cheap! Yay for a great upcycle.


#7 - Pencil Goodies - Adorable! In a nutshell - a Pringles can full of much needed indulgences and decorated to look like a pencil. How cute of a decor piece this would be and then after he/she is done enjoying the tasty treats....helloooo....storage!


#8 Personalized soap bottles - grab some stickers and some ribbon and this would be a great teacher's gift.

For the mom on the go or wanting to add a special little touch to a gift for your son or daughter's teacher I hope you received some inspiration to thank those sometimes unnoticed teachers that work so hard to create the foundation of life for your little ones.
Even if you gift a bag of school supplies, many teachers have to purchase a lot of their supplies out of their small salaries so even that would be a much appreciated gift.

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