h5 for friday

Friday, June 14, 2013

Did you have any highlights this week? Even something small that brightened your day? I always try to find highlights even, the little ones.

  1. My baby girl celebrated her first birthday - as most moms know it is a bittersweet day. One that makes you proud that your child is doing so well and one that reminds you that even at one year old your baby isn't quite a baby anymore.
  2. With the help of my sister, I made some Scentsy samples. I love the way they turned out and even the hubfriend said they looked like I bought them. Yay!
  3. The sis and I had a business breakfast - we went to Paradise Bakery which has a breakfast sandwich with egg white, pesto, basil, sun dried tomatoes - yum! Can't remember the name but it was tasty.
  4. A random highlight but no less a highlight - I looked outside an office window and saw this! It was too random not to take a pic and it did put a smile on my face. I mean, when someone asks you how your day was and you can answer with "I saw a ginormous potato" and mean it - pretty good day.
  5. Left over chili. So comforting, even though it was 111 degrees outside on this particular day you would never believe it if you are in the building I work. With temps usually around 64 degrees this was a nice, warm, comforting lunch.

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