hand sanitizer wraps

Friday, June 21, 2013

Who doesn't love some Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer? With their fabulous scents it is hard not to go crazy. Bath and Body Works are in the middle of  their semi annual sale so I did some hand sanitizer stock up. The hand sanitizer with the pump is normally $5 but because they changed the label design all old packaging is $3! Score!

With hand sanitizer you should be careful - not all meet the requirements to kill germs. According to the CDC hand sanitizer should have an alcohol content of 60% to be effective. Bath and Body Works, 68%.

Although these hand santizers smell fantastic and work well, I just never have been keen on the packaging. I like everything to coordinate with my decor. So what may be a great scent may have a not so great color and vice versa. For whatever reason I was off in la-la land staring at the bottle thinking wouldn't it be cool if I could create a cover for it. Hmmmm that got the juices flowing.

At first I thought a fabric cover would be cute - even felt. Nah, what if some sanitizer dropped onto the fabric, it would probably stain or even get dirty from being handled. Hmmm I need something wipeable.

And then it hit me! Please let it work. Fun Coordinating paper + laminating = wipeable cover? Could it work?

It so worked! I was so overjoyed with the result I became my own little factory line. I created a wrap  for the half bath, the kitchen, my office, the master bath - then I thought - HOLIDAYS! Now I have one for the 4th of July, summer, even a party themed one. There are an endless amount of possibilities and I can't wait to sit down again and design some more.

Here are the bottles of sanitizer and wraps pre-assembly

Simply wrap a sanitizer wrap around a bottle and tightly secure the overlap with double stick tape and WALAH! Instant interchangable hand santizier bottle wraps!

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