summer fun: indoor kiddo activities

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I got another opportunity to guest post a The Taylor House. Please stop by and check out my post and Chrissy's amazing blog! I am very grateful for the opportunity to join up with her.

Can you say 110 degrees? One hundred and ten degreeeeees. That is a temp that is in the not too distant future for us Arizonians. Like most folks in the north who are bundled indoors during their winters we experience a similar thing with our summers. Windows don't get opened, we open and close the front door as fast as we can and we don't spend much, if not no, time outdoors.

After week 1 the kiddos start to go stir crazy and I wanted to find ways to make this time of year not only fun but memorable. So here is the list of all lists for Summer Fun Indoor Activities. These were so cool I may be joining in with the kiddos ;)

1. Masking Tape Fun


 2. Balloon Volleyball

3. Laser Obstacle Course

4. Camp In

5. Button Tin

6. No Mess Finger Painting

7. Balloon Badminton

8. Box-o-Fun

9. Noodle Wall

10. Glow-rora 

11. Tub of Glow

12. Manilla Fun

I am so excited to try some of these out - my youngest one is too young for most of these so my 3 year old has gotta have someone to play with ;)

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