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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Summer is right around the corner and with these beautifully warm temps it is hard not to get as much of the outdoors as possible.  In an effort to jazz up the routine outdoor activities I thought I would do an Outdoor Summer Fun Round Up consisting of cute and creative, albeit cheap, ways to spruce up some outdoor classics. I have a little something for all age groups.

You can also find me over at The Taylor House sharing these great Outdoor Summer Fun ideas.

1. Paint with Water from Happy Learning Education Ideas: what a simple and fun way to keep the kiddos busy. Water = free plus foam brushes which if don't already have were $0.25 at our local craft or hardware stores. What will fascinate them even more is their works of art will slowly (or quickly depending how hot it is) disappear right before their eyes.

2. Sponge Water Balls from It's Overflowing:  How great are these sponge water balls? Not only are the more kid friendly (no need to help tie balloon after balloon) and cost effective they are eco friendly to boot. No missed shreds of water balloons here!

3. Sidewalk Chalk Paint from Mom's Crafty Space: What a fun way to jazz up the ol' sidewalk chalk costing only $0.25 a batch! The colors are also very vibrant compared to traditional chalk.

4. Ice Cube Painting from Share & Remember: Water and watercolors are all she used to make these vibrant ice cube paints - I imagine food coloring would also work if you had on hand - but I believe the water colors would be better at not staining the kiddos' hands.

5. Summer Twister from Eucharisteo: What a fun way to change up the game Twister. No rumpled mat, no socks, just some game fun in the sun!

I gotta applaud these ladies for thinking of such fun ways to spruce up outdoor activities. High temps are headed my way so next week I will be doing a post of Indoor Summer Fun for the kiddos. Stay tuned!

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  1. These ideas are adorable and perfect for my summertime theme of getting the family outdoors. My plan is to have us outside as often as possible. Even our vacation this year will be camping and white water rafting, great outdoor activities!