you have been RACK'd

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Last week a girlfriend and I went all over town doing random acts of christmas kindness and I have to say we had a blast! We cranked up the Christmas music in the car and just spend the day together doing things for other people. It was such an amazing day!

Our goal was to do 25 random acts of kindness and we ended up doing 46! We chose to do everything anonymously and oh how I wish I could have gotten to meet some of the people the items were for.

  • Our first RACK was returning some of my neighbors trash cans from the street to their driveway...a small gesture but when it is cold outside it was probably a nice treat.
  • My gal pal spent the entire day prior baking cookies, we left some of those cookies for my mail person.

  • We dropped off cookies at the local firestation. These guys seemed to really enjoy that ;)

  • We purchased a $10 Starbucks card and gave the cashier the gift card and our RACK cards and sure enough as we were finishing up two customers came in. They had no idea they were going to get some free was sooooo cool!
  • We visited a grocery store and placed some quarters on a couple toy machines.

  • We taped a microwavable popcorn to a Redbox machine.

  • Then it was off to the police station to give them so cookie deliciousness.
  • We dropped off books and cookies to the library. They weren't open yet :(

  • We donated tons and tons of items to a Domestic Violence Women's Shelter.
  • Put $15 on a pump at the gas station

  • Placed candy canes on RACK cards and placed them on 12 cars

  • Left quarters on RACK cards on some soda machines at Walmart

  • Each bought presents off the Angel tree at Walmart

  • Left quarters on RACK cards in the arcade at Walmart
  • Left some more popcorn on a couple other Redbox machines

  • Donated items, games and crafts to the Cancer Treatment Center of America

  • Donated toys and books to a daycare center in need

  • Donated NB items, receivers and caps to the NICU at local hospital. The very NICU one of my daughters was a patient of at birth.

  • Loaded up a laundry card at a laundromat and left it for someone. I can't believe how expensive loads of laundry are - not to mention they don't take quarters anymore?!? Where have I been?

  • Donated goods to an animal shelter
  • Dropped off cookies for my insurance guy...we have never met so he didn't know who I was exactly.
  • Had lunch at Olive Garden and bought this guy his lunch! The waitress, even though she promised not to tell, told the gentleman that we paid for his lunch...what was so cool was that he bought a gift card and told us he was going to pass it along. So he left the gift card for someone else that was there eating!!!

  • Dropped off toys and stuffed animals for Pediatrics at another hospital.

  • Gave away movie tickets and 2013 movie cups

All in all it was a fantastic, albeit exhausting, day!  And I don't want to forget the act of kindness our husbands did for watching our little ones while the mama's got to do RACKs all over town!

Thank you Veronica for spending the day with me; I know I always have larger than life ideas but you helped make an idea come to fruition....♥ you bestie!

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