h5 for friday

Friday, July 05, 2013

This week was a great week over all. Had some great moments that put a smile on my face and there is nothing better! Life is pretty dang good - even though it is insanely busy - it's pretty good.

  1. Top left - I received an amazing gift this week! A coach wallet! Love.
  2. Top right - I decked my nails out 4th of July style. This was a very fun and festive look.
  3. Bottom left - the hubby and I took the girls to see a firework show. This night in particular was wonderful. We went out to dinner, got some good ol' soft serve and saw some fireworks. My 3 year old is finally at the age to be really impressed by fireworks.
  4. Bottom middle - This put a smile on my face at 5 in the morning. I woke up to walk out of my bedroom door to find this little castle made of blocks. It wasn't there when we went to bed so my 3 year old must have built and left us this gift sometime in the night. Daddy and I didn't have the heart to knock it down so we walked around this castle for 2 days until the 1 year old found the opportunity to be "Baaaabyyyzillllla".
  5. Bottom right - I assisted my sister in her first fashion show for her swimwear boutique, The Belladonna Boutique. She is watching the very first model walk down the runway - pretty awesome moment to be apart of. The hands you see moving are clapping ones from a girlfriend of mine - Thank you Kristy for all of your help and support.
Note: This week's collage isn't in chronological order

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