worth a thousands words

Monday, July 01, 2013

Have you ever heard the expression, "A photo is worth a thousand words"? I absolutely have to agree with that. There are so many emotions that can course through your being upon looking at a photo. A brief, secondary moment in time captured by a lens can make you smile, laugh, weep, ache, yearn, or even bring a tear to your cheek. A tear that may have many meanings.

A tear rolled down my cheek recently upon admiring a photo. That of a picture of my one year old daughter. I felt an amount of emotion that could not be summed up in one word.

Upon viewing a group of pictures from her recent photo session I was browsing through the photos catching myself smiling at each one that I passed and then one came upon the screen that stopped me. That touched my heart. That made my heart ache in a wonderful way. My beautiful baby girl...

Not so much a baby baby

...is one year old. She's one. She's is no longer an infant. She is a growing, developing toddler. She is a gentle little girl - yet causes bellies of laughter from those around her. On her first birthday my husband and I caught a quick moment, where the party continued all around us, but we looked at each other and without words communicated...

We did it.

The first year, full of firsts, can be a challenging one. Little sleep, little time with the husband, little alone time - especially if you have other children. So when you make it to that milestone with a happy and healthy little girl and not all of your hair has fallen out - job well done!

Here is that photo that made an impression on me.

I didn't realize that upon meeting Ashley at Emmie Rae Photography as a fellow vendor at a consignment event would lead to such a moment in my life. Ashley is a mother of two young children herself and I think because of that she has a warmth and understanding that truly captures children in a way that make mom's heart ache in that wonderful way. She has captured a moment in time that I am truly grateful. Simply look at the way my flash drive was delivered to me.

This displays how much she cares about the entire experience - not only the photos. Packaged as if receiving a gift - this is the mark of a professional that truly cares about the hearts of her customers.

Thank you Ashley for giving me these precious moments forever captured on photo that my family and I will reminisce over for years to come. I can't wait 'til our next session - that of a three year old, should be ever so entertaining.

Here is some more of Ashley's work.

Have you ever felt a moment in your life that stopped you in your tracks and filled your heart with an overwhelming amount of joy? I would love to hear your story - please leave a comment below.

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