four thousand fifteen days

Monday, September 23, 2013

Today marks the four thousand and fifteenth day my husband and I have been a couple. Exactly 11 years ago today my husband and I shared our first kiss (a long anticipated first kiss, he was very much a gentleman) establishing ourselves as a couple. It is strange actually describing it in days doesn't seem as long as 11 years, is that weird?

Five years later, on the day we marked another occasion, we became husband and wife. We have a 2-for-1 kind of anniversary deal. You are welcome dear! One less date to remember :::wink:::

It is incredible to think that more than one third of my life has been spent with Carlos by my side. He is absolutely my perfect match. And it was as if we were supposed to meet when and how we did. Like we lived out a destined path. Maybe one day I will share with you how we met and you'd understand that more.

Life has thrown us some unexpected twists and turns but that's "life", right? We have seemed to overcome
any obstacle that has been thrown our way and have become a stronger couple in the process. We have experienced the greatest joy we can as a couple - becoming parents to two beautiful little girls.

I know our future holds some great things and with that some more lows, but I couldn't imagine going through any of it without Carlos.

Happy Anniversary hubby!

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