delicious = 4 stars

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

If someone were asked if I like to cook they'd probably be stumped over the answer. I actually really enjoy cooking it is the mess it creates that I can not stand and that alone sometimes deters me. I like to cook in a very clean kitchen with bare counters. As you cook though, you create dirty dishes. And my mom taught me long ago to clean as you cook but for me I lose my rhythm.

Over the years I have realized that Carlos rates my food. He doesn't even know he is doing it when he does but for me it equates to a 1- 5 star rating. It kind of hit me out of the blue one evening as he was eating dinner. The girls and I had already eaten, he came home from work and heated up his plate. I proceeded with my routine 3 Bite Question - "How is it?"

Let me explain the 3 Bite Question. This question is asked after he has taken about three bites of dinner. His answer will vary between five from, "its good" to "frickin' awesome". The first bite is normally consists of the star of the dish. He may then use the 2nd and 3rd bites to try sides or get deeper into a taco, casserole, sandwich, yadda.

He then answers with one of five options and he never strays from them. They are, "it's good", "it's gooood", a thumbs up with a head nod, "delicious" and "frickin' awesome". Based on these answers this is how they rank:

it's good = 1 star
it's goood = 2 stars
thumbs up and a nod = 3 stars
delicious = 4 stars
frickin' awesome = 5 stars and his comment to add that dish to my permanent collection.

And then, of course, there is the true and final test....does he go for seconds? Meals that deserve a second go around usually rank 3 stars and up. Meals with a 5 star rating usually means that there will be no left overs so, I don't make 5 star dishes very often. We'd never have lunch the next day. The best place to stay is in the 3-4 star range. Which means he is loving the food and there is enough to go around.

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