quintessential little girl's room

Friday, October 04, 2013

After three long years I am finally getting to live out my mommy dream of having the perfect little girls room for my two precious itty bitty's. I have been looking at the very neutral baby jungle theme for way too long.

Baby jungle is very nice and sweet, but our gender mysteries are now over! When I was pregnant with my first we wanted to do a neutral theme so we could reuse the theme when our next one came along. Sure enough I had girl number two. The neutral theme wasn't just limited to their nursery decor it also involved their toys, their gear, highchair, playyards, travel system, etc. As a rule yellow, green and brown are nice colors, but I am sick of them!

Over the past couple of months I have been pondering what I envision for my little girl's room. Something GIRLY, yet unique - not typical. I was torn between two different themes...until....a close friend asked me this question, "Is that what they want?" And it hit me, the answer was probably not. So I asked myself, "What would they want?" Being 3 and 1 1/2 my options aren't vast and my 1 1/2 isn't capable of such an opinion so, "What would my 3 year old want?". Tinkerbell. Typical? Yes. But 100% something my little ones will love and to be honest as long as it isn't yellow, green or brown I am one happy momma.

So on the search I went for Tinkerbell inspiration to create the perfect little room for them. I am still going to pull some unique decor ideas and incorporate the Tinkerbell theme.

I am still at the research stage however I am very close to making my first purchase. Unlike other projects in the house that go a little at a time I would love to accumulate all of the items to redo their room and do it all in one day so I can do a big reveal. I can't wait to see their little faces.

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