scentsy catalog makeover

Monday, October 14, 2013

This may sound a little trivial but one of the best things I love about selling Scentsy is that there are only 2 catalogs that come out in a year...TWO! That's it! And I love it. I have sold for other direct selling companies before and we had as many as 26 catalogs come out each year! Not my idea of fun.

With Scentsy's perk of only two catalogs per year it comes with one tiny, minuscule...lets be real it is really not a problem, but gives me a reason to do something crafty. I dedicate one book for me as my master that I refer to over the course of 6 months and it gets very worn and doesn't look impressive when pulled out of my purse to show someone a product.

So, I vamped up my humble little catalog and made into a SUPER CATALOG! (I imagined this in my best movie narrator voice). You know the voice. That voice that starts e-v-e-r-y movie preview, "In a world....."

I digress.

I laminated and comb bound it. There I said it. My humble Scentsy catalog is now INDESTRUCTIBLE (again in that movie voice), not really but I like to believe it now has super powers.

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